are you paranoid by nature?

paranoia isn't a very healthy thing. this quiz was designed to check if your too paranoid or not suspicious enough. a paranoid person's social life can go down the drain if they don't start letting things go.

are you paranoid? are your friends worried about doing anything in case you get the wrong idea? take this quiz and find out if your the paranoid kind of the easy going kind.

Created by: Peter
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  1. have you ever thought someone was following you?
  2. have you ever checked your bedroom window at night to make sure no one was there?
  3. do you ever think someone is talking about you behind your back when it's completely impossible?
  4. when a friend tells you something mean, do you take it as a hint that they don't want to be friends with you?
  5. you see your friend telling another friend a secret, do you think it's about you straight away?
  6. if someone stares at one of your possessions in a jealous way, do you believe they will attempt to steal it?
  7. your best friend won't show you the text they are writing. to you believe they are planning something and not including you?
  8. were you ever completely and totally convinced someone was doing something behind your back?
  9. if you received a letter saying "i know" what would you think?
  10. your boy/girlfriend is going to the movies with your best friend.

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Quiz topic: Am I paranoid by nature?