True test of human dudeness

Greetings, human. We have devised a simple test for you. Are you wheat or chaff? Perhaps it is difficult to know precisely what you are, without being quizzed. Please, step this way.

I have heard tell of a wild-thinker in these parts. I have dreamed of this my whole quizzical life. The prophesy said one would come with brain like a bulldozer and a heart like a sponge. Could it be you? Don't keep me waiting, please.

Created by: Hunk of Quiz
  1. When do red and blue make green?
  2. Into what, does a caterpillar turn?
  3. Translate: Streichholzschächtelchen
  4. Sublimation is...
  5. What was invented first?
  6. What came first?
  7. Which one's got the most people?
  8. Which statement about true life is true?
  9. France is home to...
  10. Which is the biggest number?

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