Are you like Treebeard?

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Treebeard is an Ent character from J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings mythology. Treebeard is both simple and deep character, while some of his traits are normal for an average human, some are more difficult to have or obtain.

So are you like him? You are going to find that out, taking this very fast quiz with simple answers. PS You do not need to have a vast knowledge from LotR books/films, this is not a test of knowledge.

Created by: Drvobradi

  1. Do you like nature?
  2. Do you have a beard?
  3. Are you old (or do you feel old)?
  4. Are you physicaly like a tree (low agility and speed rating)?
  5. Do you like industrialisation of the world?
  6. Are you single?
  7. Do you live alone?
  8. Do you mourn over your lost love?
  9. Are you strong?
  10. Are you tall?
  11. Are you a generaly peaceful being?
  12. Does great rage makes you do things you would never do before?
  13. Are you hasty?
  14. Do you enjoy social life?
  15. Do you have deep and wise eyes?
  16. Are you a leader?
  17. Do you talk fast?
  18. Do you enjoy taking long walks?
  19. What do you like more, a well tended garden or orchard, or a thick and wild woods?
  20. Is your voice deep and loud?
  21. Do you enjoy spending your time alone?
  22. Do you have kids?
  23. Do you like to sing out loud, but to yourself?

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Quiz topic: Am I like Treebeard?