How much do you know about the Lord of The Rings

The Lord of The Rings,is a great and well-known trilogy in both movie history and book shelfs, however it was written a lot of time ago. Did you know, that Tolkien originally wrote it as a fairy tale for his kids? Accidently, he created one of the greatest fantasy trilogies ever known.

Are YOU a true possessor of LoTR knowledge? Test yourself, this probably isn't the hardest quiz you ever confronted, but it will give you an enjoyable challenge! (I hope)

Created by: allah

  1. Beginning question! What is Gollum's original name?
  2. How do the Elves call Gandalf?
  3. Who was Sauron's original "mentor"?
  4. Who was the first member of the Fellowship to die?
  5. Who killed Boromir?
  6. Who were the Nazguls (or the Riders) originally?
  7. What was the name of Aragorn's blade?
  8. How was Gandalf's horse called?
  9. Who killed Saruman? (in the books)
  10. How many men were in the Fellowhip?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about the Lord of The Rings