Lord of the Rings Love Story Part#4

This is a story in a GIRLS voice. Or, you. Boys can take it, if they want an adventure, but it's not narrated by a boy, just so you know. Hope you enjoy.

The story 'Lord of the Rings' is by J.R.R. Tolkien, so you all know I'm not copying. I'm just sticking a character in. The added in scenes with (insert your name here) are by me.

Created by: EmGirl
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  1. After setting out from Rivendale, the Fellowship walked long hours of the days. You took as much as you could carry, and refused to take little because you were a girl. You decided to talk to as many people in the Fellowship as you could, considering you'd be with them till Mordor. Gandalf came up to you at one point and asked you how you'd become involved. You simply said, "The same way Merry and Pippin did, they sort of dragged me along and here I am." You learned that the Elf was named Legolas, the Dwarf was named Gimli, and the Man was named Boromir. You often found yourself walking with Legolas, he didn't seem to mind a girl in the group as much as Boromir did. Once, Boromir had said, "Little girls don't belong on missions like these." "She is as good a member as any of us Boromir, and a friend of the Hobbits," Legolas had said. "Stop your prattle," Gandalf put in, "The Fellowship has been made and there's nothing anyone can do about it. ______ chose to come, it is her decision to make and not ours." That day, you and Legolas had become friends.
  2. After many days, it had been decided that the Fellowship would try to cross a terrible mountain. It was very cold up the mountain, for winter was approaching. You trudged through the snow, shivering, your feet cold. You tripped and began to roll down the mountain, when you felt hands catch you. It was Legolas. You stood back up when he asked, "Are you OK?" You nodded and trudged on. That night, the storm approached. Show flew down in sleets and blinded you. Frodo stumbled and both of you sunk head deep into the snow. Frodo was pulled out by Aragorn, and you heard Frodo scream, for screaming was the only way you could be heard in the storm, "______ fell too!" He stretched a hand out and you grabbed it as Aragorn helped you up. "We must go back!" Legolas screamed to Gandlaf, "The storm is to strong! We will not make it over the mountain! The snow covers the Hobbits heads!" That was how it was decided. Aragorn put Frodo and Sam on his back, Boromir put Pippin and Merry on his back, and Legolas took you. They made their way slowly back down the mountain.
  3. Instead of going over the mountain, you'd go through the Mines of Moria. You didn't know what they were, so asked Gimli. "They are great mines, made by great Dwarves. You shall like them." You were excited, until you actually got there. Gandalf started speaking words, trying to guess the password to open the gates. You waited patiently. During that time, Sam came over to you and asked, "Are you feeling well?" You looked at him and said, "I guess I'm a little homesick. It gets harder each day to remember what it was like in the Shire. I've seen so many things, it kind of make the Shire look boring." "The Shire will always be my home miss," Sam said, "No matter what I see." "Do you miss Rose?" You asked. You were sure Sam blushed but it was to dark to see anything. "Yes," he said, "But she ain't got no feelings for me." "You never know," you replied. You suddenly heard the sound of doors opening. Gandalf had figured it out! You rushed up as you watched the doors bang open.
  4. The Fellowship entered, then the doors closed behind them. You were plunged into complete blackness. Gandalf's staff turned into a bright light, and you began to walk. You eventually entered a chamber, and found dead bodies everywhere. Gimli let a a moan. He rushed over to a dead body, it must have been someone important. You stood by Pippin, as he touched a dead body. "You shouldn't do that," you whispered. That's when it fell. The head just broke off and fell down a long chamber making a lot of noise. Everyone stared at Pippin. Then, the body fell down too. "See..." you barely whispered, frightened to death. Gandalf was furious. "Fool of a Took!" he said. Then, you heard the drums. Something was coming. Aragorn and Boromir shut and barred the doors to the chamber, the drumming was getting louder.
  5. Gandalf, Boromir, and Aragorn took out swords. Gimli took out an ax and Legolas took out a bow. Pippin, Merry, and Sam picked up rocks. You quickly picked up a sword from the ground by a Dwarf's feet. The drumming stopped. BOOM! The door shook. BOOM! Again. BOOM! CRACK! The doors burst open and Orcs and a Cave Troll ran in. An Orc swung at you head but you ducked and slit his throat. You swung the sword and slit another's. You were on your fifth kill when you heard, "______, look out!!!" You turned around and saw a giant club swing towards you. You felt it hit your body, your chest hurt so much, accompanied by your back as you were slammed against the wall. Your vision became blurred. "Mr. Frodo!" "______!!! Noooooooooooooo!" "FRODO!!!" Screams and words melted together as you lay there, stunned and weak.
  6. You felt warm. Warm, and the pain was leaving your body. You opened your eyes and saw the Fellowship standing over you. "What'd I miss?" You mumbled. Sighs swept over the Fellowship, and Frodo helped you up. He smiled, you smiled back, even though your whole body hurt. "Come on, run!" Gandalf said, and off you went. You couldn't run very fast, and there was the fact that a horrible monster was following you. You began racing down stairs and then, there was a hole. Right in the center. Legolas jumped, he then helped across the others. Only Aragorn, Frodo, and you were left on the opposite side. Oh, and Orcs were firing arrows at you as well. You were about to jump when the stairs shook. You almost fell but Aragorn grabbed you. "Steady, steady," he said, as the bridge piece of bridge fell towards the others. You all leap off and ran towards a very small narrow bridge. The fiery creature was close behind. Gandalf crossed the bridge last, but turned around in the center.
  7. "YOU, SHALL NOT, PASS!" Gandalf screamed at the beast, slamming his staff down onto the bridge. The beast fell down into the pit. You had a brief smile, for the next second, Gandalf fell too. "GANDALF!" Frodo screamed. "Run, you fools!" Gandalf said, then, he was gone. You felt grief. Gandalf was gone. He was dead. Boromir had to drag Frodo out of the place, he was so sad, trying to reach his friend.
  8. Once out of Moria, Frodo stood far away from the group, head bowed. Tears fell down your face, just a few. You walked over to Frodo and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Frodo?" you asked. He turned to you. He was crying as well. "Frodo..." You hugged him. "He shouldn't have died," Frodo said, "I should have." "Frodo, don't say that," you replied, "Gandalf saved you, the ring bearer. You must survive. What would Gandalf say if he'd heard that?" "It's all because of this ring!" Frodo replied, "I hate it!" "If you want, I can carry it for you," you replied, "It doesn't just have to be your burden." "No," Frodo said, "It must be mine. I can not let it hurt my friends, and you are my friend, ______."
  9. end of part 4
  10. Legolas and Aragorn fans... I helped you out in this one. I've decided to add them as results. Have fun.

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