Lord of the Rings Love Story Part#3

This is a story in a GIRLS voice. Or, you. Boys can take it, if they want an adventure, but it's not narrated by a boy, just so you know. Hope you enjoy.

The story 'Lord of the Rings' is by J.R.R. Tolkien, so you all know I'm not copying. I'm just sticking a character in. The added in scenes with (insert your name here) are by me.

Created by: EmGirl
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  1. It was raining. You had just dried off from your 'dip' in the lake and then it started raining. The five of you approached the gates to the town of who knew what it was called (Well, you knew Frodo kind of knew where he was going so as long as one Hobbit knew...).The gatekeeper let them in after a short talk and they made their way to the Prancing Pony. Upon entrance, you felt like an ant compared to the huge people. You wondered where you were, if you had traveled so far out of the Shire you had found a Human settlement. After sitting down at a table, you noticed a man sitting in the corner in a black cloak. He was staring at you, and you didn't know why. Well, sure, you were about as high as his thigh, maybe shorter, but the problem was that he kept staring. "Frodo," you whispered, "That man is staring at us." Frodo nodded, he had seen it too. Frodo asked what everyone wanted and then went up to the bar to order. You didn't know what happened, but suddenly, Frodo slipped, put his finger out, and was gone. You jumped in your seat and gave a small squeak. Sam, Pippin, and Merry looked at you and asked, "What's wrong ______?" You pointed at where Frodo had lay. "There's nothing there," Pippin said. Exactly," you replied, "Because Frodo was there a second ago." You wondered if it was a Baggin's thing to just disappear like that. Then, Frodo reappeared and the man that had been watching them got up and in two long strides approached Frodo, grabbed his arm, and carried him away.
  2. You sat there stunned, and then grabbed a fork and headed after him. Sure, against a giant Human you were going to fight him with a fork. There was no way you could lose! Sam, Merry, and Pippin followed you and Merry asked, "What are you doing ______?" "Did you see that man take Frodo?" you replied. "Well, of course we did," Sam replied. "So what are you going to do about it?" you asked. They all nodded. Pippin grabbed a candle stick, Sam grabbed a candle, and Merry resulted in using his fists. So, weapons wise, you had a fork, candle stick, and candle. Wonderful. You jiggled the door-nob on the door to your room, where the man had taken Frodo. "One, two, three!" you yelled as all of you crashed through the doors. The man had long black hair and an unshaven prickly beard, and his eyes seemed old. He glanced at you all as Frodo said, "No, he's a friend." Well. That was awkward. "We were in the middle of a conversation," the man said, "A private conversation." Frodo glanced back at the man, "No, they should hear." "You don't have time to tell them what I told you," the man interjected, "Give them the major details as we change rooms."
  3. As you walked down the hallway Frodo told you guys, "We're going to Weathertop. There a nine things called Ringwraiths, and they're hunting me because..." Frodo paused. He looked towards the man. The man nodded. "They are drawn to this ring Gandalf gave me. A ring I have to get rid of, a ring I'm taking to the Elves." Sam's face brightened up at the mention of Elves. You were puzzled, but it was coming together. "One ring to rule them all..." you said to yourself. "What?" Frodo asked. ""I kind of heard that part, when Sam was spying on you guys," you replied, "The poem thing. Anyways, the nine Ringwraiths... Are they the nine Mortal Men in the poem?" The man turned towards you and stared hard into your eyes. He nodded, and led them to the right. "But that still doesn't explain who he is," Pippin said pointing at the man. "I am Aragorn, son of Arathorn, friend of Gandalf. You may call me Strider," he replied.
  4. "Why are we changing rooms?" you asked. Aragorn stopped at another door and unlocked it with a key. "Because the Ringwraiths know we're here." You were worried. How was changing rooms going to save you from, from, those things? ~ That was all three days ago. You now lay on Weaathertop, a hill with what seemed to be ruins on the top, and it was night. The Ringwraiths had been following your group for some time, and to be honest, without Aragorn, you felt defenseless, for he had gone somewhere for a moment. You slowly fell asleep, when you heard Frodo's shouts of "What are you doing? Put that fire out!" You sat up and saw Frodo stamping out a small fire Sam, Merry, and Pippin had made.
  5. You panicked as you heard the sound of a Ringwraiths screech. They'd found you. Quickly, all five of you clambered to the top of Weathertop hill, running into the ruins and creating a circle with your backs next to each other. Then, they came. You saw them, surrounding you, and then, then there was the pain. The Ringwraiths seemed to ignore everyone but Frodo, which was good for you considering you couldn't stand. The pain blinded you as your arm began to bleed again. The last thing you saw was Frodo disappearing with the nine Ringwraiths standing over him. Then, everything went blurry. You couldn't see, or hear, all you felt was the pain. You didn't know how long you were like that, but when your eyes focused again, you saw Aragorn knelling over you. He was binding your wound. "You shall go to Rivendale with Arwen and Frodo." he turned picked you up and placed you on the white horse with Frodo, who looked quite pale and sick, and a beautiful Elf lady, who must have been Arwen. "Make haste, the Ringwraiths shall fallow you," Aragorn said to Arwen. "Of course," Arwen replied. Then, you blacked out.
  6. When you opened your eyes, you found yourself in the most beautiful room you'd ever been in in all of your life. It was big, the bed was soft and white, the light shone into the room and you felt at peace. You glanced at your arm and saw the wound gone. Thank heavens. You got up and found your clothes clean. You put them on and headed out the room. You saw no one, and was worried you were dreaming, that you'd wake up on a horse, or never wake up, what if you were dead? You walked around a bit and found Pippin and Merry spying on a meeting. You rushed over to them,and they hugged you, while you asked, "What's going on?" Pippin smiled and said, "The one ring must be destroyed, so they have to take it to Mordor." You shivered at the word as Merry continued, "They're discussing who should go now, so be quite!" You nodded and watched. Frodo got up and said, "I'll go. It is my burden to take." The crowd silenced. Sam got up and said, "I'm going with you!" And Gandalf got up as well, saying he'd watch over them.
  7. You saw an Elf with lone blonde hair and a fair face stand up and say, "I shall go as well," then he walked over and stood by the Wizard and Hobbits. Aragorn stood as well, and then, a Dwarf with red bushy hair and a red bushy beard stand up and say, "As will I." Then, a man with short red hair and a prickly red beard stand up and agree as well. Suddenly, Merry and Pippin rushed into the room, to the surprise of the audience, screaming, "We're going as well!" You paused. Would you, or would you not join. You could go home, back to the Shire. But you wanted an adventure. Were you to deep in to leave?
  8. You made up your mind and rushed in saying, "As I!" The tall dark haired Elf who was running the meeting nodded. "Then so be it," he said, "You are now the Fellowship of the Ring!" You were afraid though. You'd gotten yourself messed up in this business. Now, no matter what, you are going to have to go, and that might mean death.
  9. "Great," Pippin said, "Where are we going?"
  10. Hi people! Note: For those Legolas and Aragorn fans, sorry, but I'll try, but there aren't many to go through... I try to help you guys. :)

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