Lord of the Rings Love Story

This is a story in a GIRLS voice. Or, you. Boys can take it, if they want an adventure, but it's not narrated by a boy, just so you know. Hope you enjoy.

The story 'Lord of the Rings' is by J.R.R. Tolkien, so you all know I'm not copying. I'm just sticking a character in. The added in scenes with (insert your name here) are by me.

Created by: EmGirl

  1. Your name is ______. You have long ______ colored hair and ______ colored eyes. You never think of yourself as pretty. In fact, you go out of your way to make sure that you don't. You put your hair up in a bun, and you wear boy clothes. You wish you were a boy, more adventure. Everyone in the Shire thinks a lady of your standers has to be lady like. You never agree. You can never find a long lasting job,so take what you can get. You often work for Bilbo Baggins, a rich Hobbit elder who came back from an amazing journey a while back. His 100th birthday is today, and you are helping him with the planning. Even though Bilbo is 100, he looks around his 40's to you.
  2. Bilbo walk inside the kitchen where you awaited him with a piece of paper and a quill. He smiles at you, "Ah, ______, you're here," he said, "Why? Oh, yes, party business." You smile, "I've got my paper and quill," you say, preparing to take notes. "No, no, I said I needed you today, didn't I?" Bilbo muttered, "No, I need to talk to Frodo, where is that boy?" You wondered why Bilbo called Frodo boy, He was 33 years old, close to your age, you were only 28. Frodo was adopted by Bilbo when he was a baby, you weren't to sure on the details. "______, can you find Frodo for me?" Bilbo asked, "And after that, you can head home. I won't need you the rest of the day." You nodded, "OK Bilbo," you reply, "Happy birthday by the way." You get up and head out of Bag End.
  3. You had a pretty good idea for where he was, waiting for Gandalf the Grey. Gandalf was a friendly wizard who visited the Shire every now and then. He was nice from what you'd heard, you never actually met him before. You hummed a song as you walked along. You and Frodo were good friends. You saw him a lot. You'd remembered when you first met him, as a little kid. He had been 10, and you 5. He had begun to tell you a tale as he brought you back home, because you had gotten lost. You never heard the end of that tale, and hadn't seen Frodo again till you were 18, old enough to get your own Hobbit Hole and a job. You became good friends, but you never told him that you were the little lost girl, and you doubted he'd really care. You arrived to the hill where Frodo liked to think and saw him underneath a tree reading a book. You smiled, and called out his name. He looked up and smiled back, placing his book down. "Hi ______! What are you doing here?" You walked up to him and sat down. "Bilbo said he'd like to talk to you and sent me to fetch you," you replied. Frodo nodded, and then, perked up. He jumped to his feet and sprinted down the hill. What was that about? You got up and saw Gandalf's cart approaching, wow, Frodo had good ears.
  4. "You're late," you heard Frodo state plainly as the cart slowed to a stop. "Frodo Baggins," you heard the wizard reply, "A wizard is never late, he come exactly when he wants to!" There was silence. Then, the two started laughing. Frodo leaped into Gandalf's arms and hugged him. You ran down after him. "Who's this?" Gandalf asked. "Oh, that's ______," Frodo replied, "She works for Bilbo sometimes. ______,meet Gandalf." "Pleasure to meet you," you say, "I've heard a lot about you. So you've come for the great party?" Gandalf chuckled, "I've come for the party, yes, I am an old friend of Bilbo's. A pleasure to meet you as well." You smiled. He was nice. "Frodo," you say, "remember, Bilbo wants to talk to you. And that doesn't mean later, or some other time, that means now!" Frodo blushed, "I know," he replied. "I'll take him into town," Gandalf said. He then began to ride away with Frodo. You turned to head home and smiled as you heard Gandalf ask Frodo, "Have I been away for so long, that the women have decided to dress like men?" Frodo laughed, and replied, "It's just ______." You laughed too. It was a funny image, every girl wearing boys clothes. You knew some Hobbits who would despise that. You headed to your Hobbit Hole and though about what you were to wear to the party...
  5. It was night time as you were about to head towards the party, when your mother grabbed you arm. "There is no way you're going to a party like that!" she screamed, "Get out of your clothes and put a dress on." You sighed, "I don't like dresses!" you were really mad at her, "Can't you see?" "I see that you're a young lady, and young ladies wear dresses, not trousers!" your mother shot back, "We need to get a young rich man interested in you! Now go! Get a dress or don't go at all!" You sighed. You didn't know what to do. Why did you stop by at your parents Hobbit Hole? You didn't have a dress in your possession, so you slowly asked your mom, "May I borrow one of your dresses?" Your mom gave a triumphant look and nodded, leading you to her room in the Hobbit Hole and telling you to leave when you were done. You sighed and picked out the plainest dress you could find, a simple short green dress. After getting it on, you headed to the party. You couldn't wait. When you got to the party, you sat down at a table and watched the dances going on. Frodo saw you and headed your way, "Hey ______," his mouth dropped as he saw you closer up, "What are you wearing???" You sighed, "A dress. Haven't you seen a dress before?" "Yes," Frodo replied, "But not on you." You frowned some more, "I didn't want to wear it!" Frodo snapped out of it, "Sorry, um, anyways, you want to dance?"
  6. You got up and danced a few rounds with Frodo and then sat down besides Frodo's gardener/friend/your friend Sam. He smiled at you, and you smiled at him. Then he looked confused, "Are, you, wearing," he began. "Yes!" You interrupted, "I am wearing a dress. I am not happy. OK?" Sam nodded. Frodo spotted a girl in the dance with curly blonde hair and a blue frock. Of course, it was Sam's crush Rose. Frodo nudged Sam's arm as Sam watched Rose dance. Sam turned and looked at Frodo's maniac grin. He shook his head no, but Frodo pushed him into the dance and he was caught by Rose. You and Frodo laughed, it was pretty funny. "Psst, ______, over here!" you heard someone whisper.
  7. It was Peregrin (or as you called him, Pippin) and Meriadoc (or as you called him, Merry). "Come over here!" Merry whispered again. You had no clue why they wanted to talk to you, but you went into the tent they were in anyways. Merry and Pippin were friends of Frodo, and that made them friends of you. "What?" you asked them as you entered the tent. You saw Gandalf's cart, and it was full of fireworks. It was right outside of the tent, and you began to think, oh no, they're up to no good again. Yes, they never did anything different if there wasn't mischief involved. "We're going to set off one of Gandalf's fireworks and what in the name of all that's holy are you wearing?!?!?!" Merry said in a rush. "A DRESS!" You screamed, "It's a bloody dress!" "SHH!" Pippin whispered, "Can you go get the biggest firework please?" "What? No!" you reply, "Look, I just met Gandalf, I don't want to get on his bad side." you turn to leave as you hear Merry mutter, "Fine. You're no fun anyways." You ignored that and went to go grab yourself a snack.
  8. After getting a snack of a poppy seed muffin, you heard a bang behind you and watched as a ginormous firework set off from behind you. It was pretty cool, but you shook your head anyways. "Those two never stop, do they?" you asked yourself. You sat down, as Bilbo prepared to make a speech. He cleared his throat and began, "My dear people, (hear hear!)My dear Bagginses and Boffins, and my dear Tooks and Brandybucks,and Grubbs and Chubbs and Burrowses and Hornblowers and Bolgers, Bracegirdles, Goodbodies, Brockhouses, Proudfoots (Proudfeet!) Today is my ohe hundreth and eleventh birthday!" You frowned. You had been off on his birthday by 11 years. How old could one Hobbit get? "I hope you are all enjoying yourselves as much as I am," Bilbo continued, "I shall not keep you long, I have called you all together here for a purpose. I don't know half of you half as well as I should like and like less than half of you half as well as you deserve. Finally, I wish to make an announcement. I regret to announce that, though as I said, eleventy-one years is far too short a time to spend among you-this is the end. I am going. I am leaving now. Goodbye."
  9. You gasped as Bilbo vanished in front of your eyes. How could he be gone??? What just happened? The party guests had gone mad. They ran about a-muck and it was rather exiting, you thought, at least it would have been if Bilbo hadn't disappeared. Out of all the Hobbit's in the Shire, why did Bilbo have to disappear? You were suddenly run over by Pippin and Merry. "Ow!" you stated plainly. Merry and Pippin apologized and ran off again. You saw Frodo looking around as Sam helped, faithful Sam, always helping Frodo. You tryed to reach him, but the crowd pulled you away. You had no idea what was going on, and never knew if you ever would.
  10. Hey guys! Hope you liked! Next part out soon! No updates, bye!

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