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    BadWolf2 Apr 11 '16, 10:54AM
  • Ok, I finished the quiz. It was pretty good! You should make more quizzes, just maybe go a different way on this or use a different fictional word. Thank you for posting this!!

    Falconer4760 Jul 14 '15, 9:53PM
  • Ok, this is cool, but I have a few suggestions. First of all, I was upset about the information about the hobbits. 1. 18 is really young for a hobbit. They are not "adults" until the age of 33. Tweens are the 20's. 18 is still a child. This is also why Bilbo calls Frodo "boy". Even at 33, he is stull a kid. Granted, I haven't finished the quiz/story yet, so I don't know about the rest. But these things should at least get fixed. Also, Bilbo's 111th birthday and Frodo's 33rd birthday are on the same day. After I finish the story, I might update. Thank you.

    Falconer4760 Jul 14 '15, 9:47PM
  • So far its pretty good!
    However, I do suggest you look at Quibblo's GIRLS ONLY! LORD OF THE RINGS- Your Point of View by Kalyn_Forlin.
    They are absolutely BRILLIANT, and they might give you some ideas.
    Go Flaviella! (the character I was in the above one)

    EpicStegosaurus Mar 28 '13, 1:36PM
  • Ditto to xxblutixx's comment, super cool, like how it's done from the hobbits angle and that you can choose your own name, hair and clothes. My only nix is on the men's clothes; it would be okay if she was an elf or a human but hobbit males clothes would not look well on females

    Bloodred Cherry Feb 17 '13, 6:56AM
  • Mmmm! Pretty cool....

    Orange Fusion Feb 12 '13, 11:34PM
  • Oh this is new :) I've never seen anyone try a LOTR love story! I do hope you'll continue because I like LOTR, and I'm really interested in how you'll write the story. The main character seems pretty cool too XD I'll be looking for part 2 ^.-

    xxblutixx Feb 12 '13, 5:44PM

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