Luck Tester (test your luck)

This is a luck tester test your luck and see how lucky you are i feel unlucky myself, do you feel the same way cause if you do then we are some how connected

All the questions are random and dont mean anything you can do it, i really do not know why i have to put in 150 characters so i can submit this luck tester

Created by: J Wick
  1. This will be very dumb
  2. Cauliflower
  3. Do you think you are lucky?
  4. Luke you will know this
  5. Da da da bum boo doo doo da da dum bpsch boom ba ba ba ba ba da da da da boo doo doo doo doo
  6. Cause i would walk five hundred
  7. Batman
  8. There was a time we were apart
  9. Where is this fromNej
  10. Square root of union

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Quiz topic: Luck Tester (test my luck)