Test Your Luck!

There are many lucky people in the world. I'm not sure what else to say, since this quiz hasn't almost got any point. It's just meant for you to have fun, and, if you want, test your luck~

This quiz is meant to test your luck. It's made of random questions with random answears from which I chose the right one. So, the best way to do the quiz is: think random C: Good luck! ♥

Created by: BonnieCooper
  1. Hello ♥ This test is made of random questions and answears, from which I randomly chose the right one. Just so you can test your luck! C:
  2. Pick one!
  3. Once again!
  4. And one more time...
  5. Excuse me sir, did you see where the white rabbit went?
  6. Let's sing a song! :3
  7. Pick one:
  8. How about another song?
  9. Fluttershy ♥
  10. C:
  11. ♫Hey, I just met you... ♪
  12. I don't really like that song :/
  13. Here's a list of cute things!
  14. For the record, I don't like Batman either :/
  15. Alright, the quiz is over! Sorry for wasting your time ^^' See you! ♥

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Quiz topic: Test my Luck!