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  • Which of my friends are you the most like?
    [published: Sep 9, 2012]

    I love my best friends ♥ They are my treasure C: But for this quiz, I decided…

  • Test Your Luck!
    [published: Aug 1, 2012]

    There are many lucky people in the world. I'm not sure what else to say, since this quiz hasn't almost got any…

  • How different from other teenagers are you?
    [published: Jul 30, 2012]

    There are a lot of teenagers in the world, isn't it? But do you have something that…

  • How beautiful are you?
    [published: Jul 6, 2012]

    There are lots of quizzes that promise to tell how truly beautiful you are - but there was never one as…

  • Should I write a story?
    [published: Jul 3, 2012]

    A few years ago, I created a story, but then I gave it up... Now, my friends think I should do it again.…

  • What do boys like about you?
    [published: Jun 30, 2012]

    Perhaps you have wondered whatdoes that other girl have that makes all the boys love her while…

  • Are You a Princess in the Inside?
    [published: Jun 15, 2012]

    What is a princess? Just someone who wears fancy and beautiful clothes or is there something…

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