How Different From Other Teenagers Are You?

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There are a lot of teenagers in the world, isn't it? But do you have something that makes you truly different from any other? Perhaps you don't think there's anything special about you or maybe you try all the time to stand out.

But this quiz will help you uncover whether you are really special - or maybe you have been trying too hard. Have fun, and I hope the results will be some help! ♥

Created by: BonnieCooper
  1. Hello ♥ Welcome to the quiz! Please, answers honestly to all the questions. Honest answers will lead to honest results. Have fun! :3.
  2. One Direction, Justin Bieber, Harry Potter, Twilight and Hunger Games: How many out of these do you like?
  3. In what way do you try do be different?
  4. When you are older, you want to be...
  5. Your parents won't let you hang out after 10 pm, but your friends invited you to go to a bar at 11. What are you going to do?
  6. How many old songs do you have in your mp3 player?
  7. ... By the way, what do you consider "old songs"?
  8. The three most important values a person should have are:
  9. A person is immature if they...
  10. Speaking of which, do you like cartoons?
  11. Do you like yourself?
  12. Someone says you're too whiny... What's your reaction?
  13. Well... I can't come up with any more questions C: So, see you, I hope you liked the quiz and that you'll be happy with your results ♥

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Quiz topic: How Different From Other Teenagers am I?