How Much Do You Know About CHERUB?

The CHERUB series was written by Robert Muchamore and is very popular amongst teenagers. It is about young teenagers who are trained to work as spies and they go on missions. But of course you already know that otherwise you wouldnt be taking this quiz because that would be dumb 'cause you would fail this simple quiz.

So how much do YOU know about CHERUB?? Did you pay attention to every detail in every book?? Take this quiz to find out how much you know about CHERUB!!

Created by: amazon

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  1. How old was James when he joined CHERUB?
  2. What was James' last name before he joined CHERUB?
  3. What was Lauren's last name before she joined CHERUB?
  4. Who was James' partner in basic training?
  5. Where was James' first mission?
  6. Who did James have to befriend in Class A?
  7. Who was James' mission controller in Maximum Security?
  8. Who did James cheat on Kerry with in The Fall?
  9. In Mad Dogs James has to go back to the same place he went to on a previous mission. What book did the previous mission take place in?
  10. What is the name of the 'Fuhrer' in Brigands M.C?
  11. In Shadow Wave whose wedding is it at the beginning?
  12. What is the mini story about Callum and Connor at the end of the paperback edition of Brigands M.C called? The story is also on the CHERUB website.
  13. How many book are in the first series of CHERUB?
  14. What is James' dad's name?

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