Cyberbullying is always closer than we think... Answer this quiz honestly. This quiz is not done by a professional. We are teenagers, just like you.

This quiz was made for a project. We want to make sure teenagers are informed about internet dangers.. You don't have to give your name. Nobody will know that's you who's answering this questions.

Created by: Fighting Cyberbullying

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  1. Have you ever been close to a cyberbullying's experience?
  2. Does anyone know your password to access your accounts your social networks or email?
  3. Have you ever felt insecure on internet?
  4. Have you ever tried to log in and discovered that your password had been changed?
  5. Have you ever had one of your secrets posted online?
  6. Have you ever had an embarrassing picture posted online?
  7. Have you ever been signed up to receive unwanted e-mails, like p---ography, by someone?
  8. Have you ever had someone pretending to be you online?
  9. Do you use something as a password that someone you know in real life might be able to guess, (like my pet's name, favourite band or singer, sister's name, your house number)?
  10. Have you ever sent nudes through snapchat, email, etc?

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