Have you been affected by the denigration of the feminine??

Are you a female that believes your career or any other head-driven acquisition is the reason why you can't stay home and look after your baby?? This is one example of money being made more important than heart's desires, Masculine more important than Feminine, the heart gets pushed down and told to shut up at the expense of personal happiness and the child's experience of a 'proper' childhood.

Are you affected by today's patriarchal society? Does your actions say that you are too afraid to embrace your femininity? Take this short quiz and find out!

Created by: Mila
  1. You feel guilty when you rest
  2. You apologize for crying or showing upset emotion
  3. In relationships, you bottle up your feelings
  4. You have trouble asking for help or asking for something you want or need
  5. You're always in a rush
  6. How you look takes up more of your attention than how you feel - e.g. how a relationship or job looks to people is more important than how it makes you feel inside.
  7. You tell yourself or others to get over it when depressed or scared or feeling any other negative emotion
  8. You regularly take prescription drugs such as pain killers and anti-depressants
  9. You regularly take alcohol or drugs to give you a lift
  10. Your work makes you feel more valid than raising your children does - e.g. how some people try and convince you its of less importance
  11. When asked the proverbial question What do you do? you say Ummm, just a stay at home mum and feel you need to justify your existence in some other way.
  12. You don't listen to how you feel when it comes to raising your child, instead you take what doctors, and books say as gospel
  13. You tell your boy not to cry
  14. You are so disconnected from your body and needs you look after everyone else before yourself, which usually means you have nothing left to give. You are in a constant state of either burn-out or denial of how empty you really feel
  15. You try to look constantly happy for everyone else's benefit, which leads to denial of your needs and any issues that come up for you. You invalidate your own negative feelings as useless or dangerous to the harmony of the home, instead of seeing them as messengers that something isn't right for you, something that needs your attention
  16. You put your dreams on hold to support your man's dreams and ambitions

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