How Feminine Are You?

Many people are subconsciously feminine in many ways. This is a quiz to attempt to determine whether you are feminine or not. Both men and women are suitable. Have lots of fun and truly think about it for best results.

Fem or not fem, that is truly the question. The best way to figure out how fem you are is asking your friends. However some find it awkward and so I attempted to make a test that gives you a broad idea of who you are.

Created by: Tony
  1. 1) You are in a mall... Do you...
  2. 2) When you see a pair of shoes that are quite expensive do you...
  3. 3) What method would you use to clip your nails?
  4. 4)Your main conversation topics are...
  5. 5) You see a REALLY cute stuffed animal. Do you...
  6. 6) You like what kind of clothes?
  7. Do you constantly look at your weight?
  8. What method would you like most to clean your body?
  9. Do you talk a lot?
  10. Do you get extremely excited during conversations?
  11. Do you knead before sleeping soundly?

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Quiz topic: How Feminine am I?