How Feminine Is Your Uke?

Is your uke too feminine? Do people see the picture you drew during study hall and say, "Aw, she's so cute?" Or, are you just afraid you're going down a dark path towards such a fate? If so, this is the quiz for you!

Femmy ukes can be infuriating. Most of the time, you're left wondering why you didn't just pick up a much cheaper Harlequin Romance Novel, rather than the expensive yaoi you hold in your hand. Why don't you test this uke against the most cruel Kaze's gaze?

Created by: KazeYami
  1. What is your character's body type?
  2. What is your character's personality type?
  3. Does your character often swear?
  4. Is your character all alone? (IE: parent's dead, abandoned, orphaned)
  5. Is your character highly dependent upon another, or do you plan on him relying on someone to get by?
  6. When you picture your character's face does he have...?
  7. When roleplaying, how many times, in the past, have you introduced your character or characters by having them bump into somebody?
  8. Does your character have any fighting skill or play sports?
  9. Is your character, generally, liked by all the other characters in the roleplay.
  10. Does your character tend to get drunk extremely easily?

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Quiz topic: How Feminine Is my Uke?