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A few years ago, I created a story, but then I gave it up... Now, my friends think I should do it again. I would like to, but I'm missing one thing: motivation! I want to spend my Summer doing other things, like sewing, drawing, reading, writing short stories and fairytales, baking, watching movies, traveling, etc.

I'd love to write this story too, but, if I did, I wouldn't have time to do anything else! So, I wanted to ask your opinion & help... I'll write a short summary of the plot and, if you pleas, would you give me your opinion and/or some inspiring words and sugestions? Thank you ♥

Created by: BonnieCooper

  1. Hi ♥ I'm sorry to bother you, I don't usually make this kind of quizes, but now I really need a stranger's help... (Just a note: You may skip the next 3 questions. They're just about how I created the story).
  2. So... when I turned 12, I began to create a story in my head, to keep me busy in my spare time. I didn't itend to write or publish it anywhere at first. I slowly became antisocial because of that story in my head. I didn't want to talk to almost anyone, I was happy creating my fantasy in my head and setting every detail.
  3. So, when my 13th birthday was close, I decided I would turn my story into a comic. I started to do it, but my laziness took over my determination. When I turned 13 at last, I left my story behind. A few months later, I began to work on it again, but once more as a story in my head and not a comic, although I regreted that I had been so antisocial in the past, and was trying to set things right.
  4. That year, I set "finishing my comic's first volume" as my Summer break's goal. Of course I didn't, but, that time, it was because I was thinking it would be better if I wrote a book than if I made a comic. Still, I didn't write anything (well, I wrote plenty of notes on the plot's main events and details, but nothing else). And I had never thought about the story again until a few weeks ago, when my BFF mentioned it, and how excited I was.
  5. Alright, now I shall make a very tiny and very inaccurate summary of the plot! The story takes place in London, in 1950's. Its main characters are 3 journalists: Eric, Howard and Jane. They are asked to make a report about a man (whose name was Klaus) who had robbed the newspaper's director's very own house. Eventually, he is exculpated. After de verdict is anounced, Eric spots a woman talking and walking with Klaus.
  6. It was Eric's long-lost sister - she, as well as his other two sisters, had gone missing during World War II. The team follows them, and then get to a very dark part of London. There, they meet a gypsy girl, born in France, who will help them make things clear. She tells Eric the girl they saw's name is Aurora, and is married to Klaus. She had a sister who also lived in the neighborhood, but went missing the night before Klaus proposed to Aurora.
  7. After sometime, and after talking with Aurora and Klaus, Eric, Howard and Jenny (as well as Ruby, who joins them), agree that the mystery goes much further than a robbery on a house, and decide to investigate. Don't worry, the story is not as dark as it seems ^^' Howard and Ruby (the gypsy girl) are very funny, Jane is very sweet and Klaus is very chilvalrous ♥ And there is much more about the plot than what I told you.
  8. Every character has their own background story and deep personality, and everyone gets a little time to show it to the world :3 Evidently, I cannot tell what happens in the end. But, after this plot line ends, there is another one... The team attends a theater, singing, dancing, etc. school's public spectacle. And... guess who is one of the performers... Adela, one of Eric's sisters.
  9. If I actually did write it, I would have do split it in 3 parts... one sister per part. Of course it's not always "Eric spots a girl talking and walking with Klaus and it's his siter, Eric sees a performer and it's his sister, Eric blah blah blah and it's his sister." It's way more complex. And I mean WAY more complex. And the story is not only about him and his sisters. That's how the 1st and 2nd parts start (the 3rd doesn't), but, as the story goes, it gets way more secondary.
  10. The story starts to focus more on romance, and the other characters' lifes - there are much more characters than the ones I mentioned, secondary, but somewhat important. About him having a lot of long-lost people... well, technically, it was him who went missing, but, from his point of view they are the ones who vanished away!
  11. Just one parenthesis: I don't have any trouble with vocabulary, spelling or syntax. Perhaps I misspelled some words in this quiz, but that's either because I didn't re-read it or because English is not my first language! I don't mean to sound vain but... I'm pretty much the best student in my class in what comes to my home language (I live in Portugal, therefore, it's Portuguese)... and also in English. Sorry if I sounded vain :C
  12. So, as you see, my problem is neither with the plot nor the writting... simply with motivation and will! I think that writing this story would take take up most of my Summer, and there is so, so much more I want to do! My friends and family (my mother is a writer in her spare time, and quite talented) think the story has potential and that I should do it...
  13. (Something I forgot to mention: the character's ages. I have that written somewhere, but I think Eric is 28, Jenny is 23, Ruby and Adam are either 19 or 20, Klaus is 25, and Eric's sister's are aged somewhere between 21 and 24... I think so...) I'm so sorry for wasting your time... But, please, leave me a comment with your opinion about the plot, and saying whether should I write the story or not.
  14. If I do write it, it will be in portuguese, not english, and way to big to be made into a story quiz. But if you really wanted me to, I could shorten it and put it as a quiz...
  15. Alright, that's it... goodbye, see you ♥

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