.Begining of maybe series.

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So, would you like my 'maybe' quiz series? It's not offical until I write the story a little more of it. But, let's just see if you'd take it based on your result.

Uh, you may find my ideas stupid, or needs advanced planning more. So, if any critizim, please write a comment or something, and uh, please be nice about it..

Created by: RinRin
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  1. Okay, so I've thought about creating a quiz series/story a few times, I've had ideas, but didn't write them down, and I later on forgot about them. So now I'm just going to see if anyone would like any of my opions, I've written a few stories (in a journal, so I ACTUALLY wrote themby hand. lolz) and they maybe a good start! So in the next questions, I'll just name the storys and write them down. Uh, you can decide which you'd like to read based on the opening, oh, and also I'm not the best at the 'romance-y' type stories, so, uh, if you want that kinda story, I'll try my best! Oh and by the way, this is kinda geared more towards girls, so, uh, yeah...
  2. ~Starting with the first one~ Title; Fukōna monogatari. (sorry if this ish short and/or CRAPPY! D: ) BEGINING; Hello,dear readers, my name is Fukōna, which in japanese translates to mean 'unfortunate.' Hmm, but for me... unfortunate doesn't sum it up quite well. What I mean, is that everything most certainly does not go my way! Oh, I should proabably finsh my introduction, shall I?
  3. As I had said before, my name is Fukōna. I am of the age of 17-years-old and I live alone in an apartment. My reasoning for living alone is that, my family as died. Oh, I shouldn't say it like that! My mother had died shortly after I was born, of an illness, the illness was not clearly read to me at that time, of course because of me being an infant at the time, but later on no one ever mentioned it to me then either. But I guess it wasn't truly important, if no one would have ever wanted it to matter, they'd have told the daughter of the woman, right? As for my father, he died in a car accident when I was in middle school. Truly grusome actually, but I wouldn't want to get into the details. I am all alone in the world...
  4. Well, that isn't entirely true. I have friends, actually only two, so it just barely counts as 'friends' I guess. Their names are Sekai, and Kaito. Anyway, I should get on with what has happen and IS happening in my life..
  5. ALRIGHTY~ so that's my story 'Fukōna monogatari' uh, I hope you enjoyed it so far ^-^ The other one I'm kinda too lazy to type so, uh, I guess I'll show it next timee..?
  6. I'm currently listening to the song panda hero, sung by Gumi, I'm also looking fer quiz stories/series. I love 'em that's why I wanted to create my own.
  7. meh, I'm tired. Pa-pa-pah-pa-lah, pa-pa-pa-la-pah. ( from panda hero.. )
  8. I still need a few more questions... so put up with me here..
  9. I'm bored of typing so the rest will be Pa-pa-pa-lah, pa-pa-pa-la-pah. so uh, yeah..
  10. Pa-pa-pa-lah, pa-pa-pa-la-pah.

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