love at midnight part 8

well i dont know what to talk about ecept there are 7 other there miht be more check out the series and leave comments thanks i like random rabied rabbits along with evil monkeys :)

I left you off at the verying begining of jasons past so if you really wanna know take the quiz :) a quick shout out to emo angel, pieiscool1, personxd and 15jackie thank you so much for taking them and commenting :) KEEP ON ROCKING

Created by: kia manson
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  1. Jason had just began to tell you his past "When I was 11 my powers had kicked in and at first i didnt know what was wrong with me. You see _____ im an orphan. I dont have parents Tryinan was the one who found me and told me what i was. So naturally when she told me I was so confused and mad." He stopped and stared at you. You heared the door open as you saw everyone leave. You notices Calvin had an angry look in his eyes but you ignored it and looked at Jason again. "The reason i was mad was because finally 12 years someone says they knew me and my parents. The justana had awakend inside of me."
  2. You were awed."You see _____ my parents were killed 17 years ago by a man name Gorto but after I turned 14 I got my vengance. the Justana I hold is The White Tiger. I killed Gorto using that power of The White Tiger." You noticed how his hands clenched and something dark came acrossed his eyes the next moment you had moved from your bed and into his arms and you held him. Jason brought his arms around you and whispered in your eyes "Ever since I saw you i dont feel angry as much. I see Calvin with his dad and it makes me wonder what they were like. I can see into Tryinans memories but its not the same." You pull back just enough to see into his green eyes, you see a single tear and you kiss him. He picks you up and puts you on the bed and whispers goodnight.
  3. You woke up then next morning looking for Jason when you saw Calvin outside. You put on a bikni but you pulled a pair of shorts over. You walk outside and sat by Calvin. "Hey where is Jason and the others?" "They left to go to go into town. ______, about last night Im sorry I left but Jasons and your emontions were so strong with his anger and your worried." You grabbed his hand as leaned into him and kissed him. "I know he told me." Calvin looked at you and said "Yea, along time ago when we first meet he said he was angry at the world because he didnt know his parents. I had the same problem only I could blame anyone but myself." He looked at you. "When my powers started arriving I was so angry because my Mom and Dad were fighting. They were seprating." Calvin stopped and splashed the water " My mother had became abusive saying she didnt want me and finally i was so upset because nothing I did worked to please her. 4 years ago I snapped you see my Justana is The Red Fox. I had started a fire and I didnt know how to put it out. My mother was still in the house when it burnt down."
  4. You didnt know what to say so you were quiet. Calvin smiled at you "Im sorry i made you feel that way." You smiled back when you heard a POP! You turned to see Tyson and Kevin. But Kevin walks up to Calvin. " Calvin The Committe wants a word." You see them nod at you turned to see Tyson walk through the door but you heard a large crash. You walked in to see Tyson throwing stuff but as soon as he saw you he stopped "Tyson whats wrong?" Tyson looked at you and said " Committe is bring people from my past here. I didnt want you to know my past but since there bringing in them theyll tell you anyway." You were silent until he began "______, your father and brother killed my mom and dad last year." Your heart instanly sunk. You could believe it. You trid backing away from him afraid now to see the hatred . Tyson grabbed you "I dont blame you in fact I like knowing that you care enough to be pissed." You looked up to see his beautiful blue eyes looking at you as if he understood you.Tyson leaned in to kiss you. You kissed him back with everything you had poured every ounce of angrier from your father and brother. You then heard a pop and saw everyone was back.
  5. You stepped away from Tyson and walk to Tryinan who looked at you with an eyebrow raised. She smiled and said "Get dressed in 3 hours we have to go to the committe. They need to meet you. Calvins dad will be there. You suddenly think so that where he is. You watched as everyone went upstair. Everyone but Kevin so you walked over to him. "Kevin, since i now know about evryone elses past what about your?" You hated asking out loud and striaght up "You dont have to tell me but.." "Ill tell you I have 3 Sisters Annie, Cassie and Shanner . There all human and have no powers so naturally i cant talk to them or see them." You watched as Kevin grabbed an apple from the bowl and rinsed it off. You stayed silent as Kevin walked besides you. "My Justana appeared only Three days ago but it was already awoke. I have the Blue Bear." You suddenly then asked Tyson doesnt have one does he?" "He cant because he is a shapeshifter." "oh"
  6. Kevin looked at you and as you stared into his eyes he kissed you. You leaned into him even more as his hand traveled down your back you suddenly felt the sharp pain in your head. You opened your eyes to see Kinishi and Basila along with the little girl your head finally stopped spinning enough that when you opened your eyes you saw 7 people Tyrinan was on your left, Kevin and Jason were in the middle.At the foot on the bed was Kinishi and Basila you remembered the yellow and black eyes again. On the right you saw Tyson and Calvin. "Its good to see your ok and well but we must get you to the Committe. you sat up and saw in everyones eyes that they werent happy about they being here.
  7. You got up and went into the big black and blue bathroom and got into the shower and got dressed when you walked out you saw..
  8. *whoever you choose* "I wanted to see if you wanted me to take you to the committe headquaters?" He was sitting on your bed
  9. You say yes and take ********s hand you walk downstairs where Tryinan, Basila and Kinishi. "_ell shes ready so lets go." You left the house and saw a winged horse. "wow." Tryinan smiled and said "Glad you like him. His name is Arnold." You got on and saw Arnolds wings expand you saw they were the same as Tryinan. "Why??" But you couldnt breathe as ******* grabbed you and said hang on. With in a minute yu were at a large building. So this was the Comittee.
  10. who do you like so far
  11. do you want a ninth *no effect*

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