love at midnight part 7

There is 6 others please take those before you read this one. otherwise you will get lost thanks and to 15jackie and personxd i want to personaily say thanks for following me threw this series i hope you enjoy

i left you after the fight kevin had just transported you to the kitchen in your mansion. You had pasted out before you even touch the ground. You suddenly wake up and see..... read the quiz to find out

Created by: kia manson

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  1. You wake up to find yourself in someone elses bed you look around to see posters of Marylin Monroe and Sport Car posters everywhere. "I wonder whose room im in." You suddenly freeze when you see a pair of yellow and black eyes are staring at you. "Its good to know your awake and well, My name is Kinushi and this is Basila." The man appeared from the shadows. You look at him as you notice the Slight muscle mass of his arms the way the sandy brown black hair covered his yellow eyes. You turn to the girl standing next to him. She was shorter than you and had full black hair and a pair of black eyes. But she was pretty. You turn to the man, not knowing if the were friends you decide to move to posion of from your blood and in to your palm just in case you begin to think *give me a reason to attack and i will* you suddenly hear Basila talk, "We wont hurt you _____, were from the committe which Kinishi should have explained." She sorta smiled at you as you absorb the posion again *well atleast i can control that power.* "Yes, its good to be able to but your other powers are much stronger." "You must have telepathy?" "Yes as Kinishi here has Water, wind and empathy." You looked at him "Great another one." Basila came closer to you and sat on the bed. "We are here not for fun but to try and help you." "What about the others?" suddenly you painicked reliezing no one other than Kinishi and Basila was around. "They are downstairs please calm down as Basila said were not here to hurt you." You try to relaxe but something doesnt feel right. You decide to play along trying to figure out if it was a trap but you were careful not to think about anything except seeing the others. You get up and walk towards the door you turn to see Basila and Kinishi right behind you. You keep walking forward when you hear Tryinan laughing. You ran downstairs as you see Kevin on the floor wresteling with Jason. You then hear Calvin in a new kitchen along with Tyson who was helping make breafast you looked at Tryinan who was smiling at you.
  2. Your relieved until you turn to see the little girl. Your frozen but everyone else is moving. "______, _______," the little girl keep repeating you name until she got close enough to touch you. "_______." She lift a hand to your head. You were watching as the man from the night before who was standing by the little girl was running with her. You see that he told the little girl to hide and run and never look back. But you knew the little girl wouldnt. You watch as the man is fighting men that suddenly popped up out of nowhwere. Finally a man came and hit the boy hard with a lightning strike. You see the men advancing towards the little girl "NOOOO LEAVE HER ALONE!!!! You couldnt do anything you were helpless. You finally woke up in the same place where you had dreamed about once. The little girl comes walking up to you and she spoke " We are one _____." You woke up screaming.
  3. You see everyone burst through your door. Calvn. and Jason have there sword in hand, Tryinan had a wind and rock ball spinning in her hand. Tyson had became a giant grizzly bear and Kevin who was standing there. Tryinan ran to you, "Are you ok?" She says reliezing you were coverd in sweat. She looks at your wrist which you cut opened again. Kevin comes over to heal you even though you blood was already going back into your body.
  4. You see that everyone looks different. Kevins black hair had somehow turned blue along with his green eyes that now held the deepest of blue. You then see Calvins red hair looked like it was on fire along with his hazil eyes that had looked as if they were sparked. You then turn to Jason as you see his full black hair had held a single white streak and long with his green eyes that held a silver touch to them. You then turn to Tyson whose blonde hair had a hint of brown with his blue eyes that seemed to cut steel now. You then turned to Tryinan whose blonde hair and hazil eyes were staring at you. "Why do you all look different?"
  5. You looked at Tryinan for answers as Calvin said "______ its because of Justana inside of us. Even you look different." You got up from your bed and ran to the mirrior you had seen your blond hair had red streaks along with your blue eyes that had sprinkled red among them. "So why now did this happen? i mean why now does it show up?" Calvin felt the confusin and told Tryinan how you felt she sooned explained "_____ remember when i told you the power of Justana came with risking you life. Well 2 days ago you did just that. Everyone did so the power of Justrana came out. It was strongest in you." Jason smiled at you when you asked "Why me?"
  6. "It was the first time it was ever felt. The Justana only comes out if a powerful enough emotion comes out like hatred, loss, love or even a overwhelming sadness." It was Jason who spoke so the question you asked next made everyone look down " So youve already expierence this emontion?" Jason answered "Yes." You look at each of them and ask they to tell you as you climb back to your bed and watch as everyone but Tryinan sat on the floor. Tryinan climb up and sat next to you. Jason was the first to begin.
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