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Should we yet document audacity, your last allegations we write. With yet another man-made miracle, this borders on the spiritual. It's time we came to fight. And should be open our eyes then we'd know. That the lines we once drew in the sand turned to stone. If we ever held back what we write Then our message is clear, my dear: this all ends tonight. Yes, we are. We're cutting close as you stare at the scenery. Truth, we write. Always colorful, cutting and cold. Yes, we lie. And we see eye to eye through you stand at the feet of me. And so, tonight means goodbye as the story was told.

CHORUS Alice, Alice the queen is raging. The Cheshire cat with his smile fading. A pawn. Eight. Squares. Now her majesty. We're curious to know which hole you followed the white rabbit down Yes, we are. We're losing some friends and we're changing the scenery. Truth, we find. Always colorful, cutting the cold. Yes, we lied. We knew you were destined for underachieving. And so, tonight Means goodbye as the story is told.

Created by: ColonelKitty

  1. Penguins?
  2. Cats?
  3. Cucumbers?
  4. kjsdhnbckshdfksdj?
  5. James?
  6. dsnjb
  7. ksnj
  8. xnsnksn
  9. Cats?
  10. jdhdjjhj

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