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Hi! I'm the quiz maker of Tough Romance, Its all in the dress girl!, Midnight and this is my new series called Life has more meaning to it! I hope you like it!

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Created by: Wolfygirl
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  1. You walk slowly to your class room. Pass through this period and your out of here. You have music. The teacher is super nice so its a pretty cool class. You get to talk and do pretty much whatever you want. As long as you do your homework. Which everyone does so theyy can talk. You know that sort of a deal. You sit at the far end of the classroom. Your friend just moved and is not comeing back. Just like every friend that you meet. At least you have her phone number. Everyone is talking while Mrs. Borders takes roll. You see a new girl slowly walk in class. You don't reconize her. She had light brown hair with big green eyes. She was small and wearing a skirt(like the uniform from angel beats skirt) with big black stockings covering her legs. Her shirt formal (like the shirts that Angel wears from the same show) white shirt with a dark blue tie. Her hair was a little over shoulder length and she had a hair band holding her hair back but her long bangs were still in front of her. She was holding a couple of books and she had a hand bag hanging from her shoulder. She walked up to the teacher. She said saomething but she was so quiet that it was like watching the first movies with color and no sound. The teacher nodded and pointed towards you. You looked right next to you and there was a empied desk next to you. "Great now she's gona be sitting next to me. Thats just great." You thought. She walked next to you and sat in the desk.
  2. She smiled when she saw you and said "Hi my name is Angelica." You looked at her and said "I'm Kate" "Nice to meet you Kate" she said. You nodded. You got a packet for homework and you got to get started on it. You looked at everyone else and saw Angelica's paper. She was already done. "How could this chick finish so fast?" You thought. You were barely in the middle of the packet. Yet you stared at the wall for how long? And you threw papers at who again? So she wasn't doing anything ans you were just getting back on track. "She'll break, its just the first day" You thought. You barely finished your packet and turned it in early. You saw Angelica slowly walk away to the front doors. She seemed sad and quiet. "She probably already got friends at this school on the first day. Like every new kid shes gona become whoever she really is." You thought. You woke up the next day and went to your normal rutine. Brush your teeth, do your hair, eat a banana, then go to your highschool. You went through your morning classes and was standing in line waiting to buy yourself a taco. You saw Angelica sitting by herself in the back table where no one sits. You ordered your taco and exspected for some of her new friends came and eat with her. But it looks like there is none. You sigh. "Its just her second day. She'll break." You thought. You went through your other classes. The next week she still wears the same type of cloths but different colors and she doesn't have any friends that you know of. You sigh at lunch and sit next to her. Today her skirt was brown and she had white stockings and a pink shirt with a brown tie.
  3. "Hey how are you doing?" You asked. She was eating a pb an j sandwich. "I'm how are you Kate?" She asked. "I'm fine, I noticed that you been here for a while and havn't made any friends." You said. She looked down and said "All of my friends are back home..." "Well do you have contact with them in any way?" You asked. She shook her head. You sigh. "Well you look depressed so meet me after school in the court yard. Okay?" You said. She nodded and lunch was over. You went through your classes and walked to the court yard. You saw her waiting patiently for you. She was sitting on a one of the benches that were around the school. You walked to her. "Hi Kate" She said. "Hi Angelica so ready to go to the mall?" You said. "Is that where we are going?" She said. You nodded and walked with her following you. You walked to the mall together and looked around. You looked at the clothes stores and tried on a couple of clothes. She didn't though. "You came out with a little skirt with a sparckly shirt. You look at her. She was just sitting down doing nothing. You changed back to your normal clothes and moved off to Victoria's Secret. You looked at the different bra's and purfume. You saw that their theme was angels. You saw the little plastic holders for showing the bra's had feathery angel wings. You looked at the bra's. She didn't. You moved from store to store and it was always the same. Even the pet store with all of the cute puppies. She didn't even look at them with cute eyes. Your leaving the mall. "Man this girl is like a robot!" You think. "Well do you know your way back to your home?" You asked her. She nodded and said "See you tomarrow" then left.
  4. You go to school the next day and eat lunch with her. "She's so quiet and so....robotish." You thought. Today she was eating tofu. You sat next to her and said "So what do you want to do after school?" You asked her. She looked at you. "We could go to the mall again." She said. She ate a small piece of tofu. "You sure?" You asked her. She nodded. Then your in music and have a test. Which is extremly easy. You hear the speaker from the principle's office come on. "Hi, today is the football game! Go Monsoon! Come and root for our team! Whooh!" Then the bell rang and you left. You saw Angelica waiting for you in the court yard again. You walk with her to the mall. You try on some clothes at the Charllote's store. She still doesn't try anything on. You look through the clothes and see this really cute big loose shirt that would look cute on her. It showed a little blue town with a tree on it. It had some faded words that said "Live". You walked to her where she was sitting and said "Why don't you try this on?" You showed her the shirt. You found a white under shirt and gave that to her to. She went into the changing room. After a while she came out with the big loose shirt around her neck. Guess she tried as much as she can to cover her shoulders and you saw the undershirt that covered her body. You she looked pretty cute. You walked over and moved the big hole for the top from one end at her neck and the other at her shoulder. You stepped back and said "You look cute." She looked at you and asked "I do?" You nodded. She went back i and changed back into her previous clothes.
  5. You bought her the shirt and some acessories that would go good with it like some earrings and a new head band with a feather. You went into victoria's secret and bought some make up and bra's and under pants. You looked at the stores and bought at least one thing for you and for her. When it was almost night you and Angelica walked home and said your good-byes.
  6. The next day you see Angelica. But she's not wearing any of the new things that you bought her. You see her in a black shirt with a white tie and a black skirt with white stockings. You walk to her after school and say "Come on with me." You say. She follow's you and you ask "Where do you live?" She tells you the directions and you find out that she lives in a small yellow house in Marley Park. You enter and no one is home. "Where are your parents or older siblings?" You ask. "They are not home." She said. You walk to her room and it just has a twin bed with a small closet with the smae type of clothes. You see that she has a bunch of new make up and you see that she doesn't have anything else. "You live in one of the most famous nieghborhoods in Surpise Arizona and have all this make up and don't wear it?" You say. She shook her head and said "I don't know how to put it on.." She said quietly. You sigh and say "I'm going to teach you how to be a human girl. You sit down and so does she. "Arn't we suppose to get started on our homework?" She asked. "You? You'll probably finish that quick so. Here! Lets start with mascara!" You say. You teach her about each make up item. She even has the really good make up too. You teach her how to put it on. You see that she has a couple of clothes other then the ones she wears. She has tank tops, jeans, skiny jeans and practically evey cute fashionable item for her. You see that she has boring bra's and underwear thats not really comfortable. You teach her what to wear and all that. She listens closely. Then when its almost night you say "So what are you going to do in the morning?" "Put on my tank top and cover the straps with a white scarf?" She said. "And?" You said "Put on a sweater so people wont see that its a tank top?" She said. You nodded. "What else?" You say. "Put on my skinny jeans and make up?" She said. You nodded, "Good, do your normal stuff when you wake up but wear your more fashionable clothes okay?" You say. She nodded. You left and walked home.
  7. The next day you see her with dark blue skinny jeans with a pink tank top and a blue sweater with a white silky scarf. She had some mascara on with light pink lipstick. She had owl earrings on with a golden necklace. She looked cute. A couple of guys stared at her throught the day. At lunch you said to her "You look good" She nodded. "Why don't you smile more?" You ask. She looked at you and did a smile. "There we go!" Each day she looked from cute to hot. You and her talked a little bit more and guys would stare at her. Girls would look at you two out of jeliously. One day you two were eating and James the most popular guy in school came to you two and gave you each an invataion to a party. "Party at my house tonight. Would you two ladies like to come?" You looked at his curly brown hair and brown eyes. You nodded and Angelica nodded with you. "See you guys at seven then." He left. Angelica looked at the envelope and said "What exactly is a party?" You looked at her and said "Its when people get together and do a little celbration for fun." You say. "Do I do what the paper says? To come at 7?" She asked. You nodded. "Okay do I have to get dressed a certain way for the occasion?" She asked. "I'll help you pick out your clothes." You said. She nodded "Is there anything else that I should know?" She asked. "Not that I know of" You said. So after school you got ready for the party in a leather jacket with a strapless shirt and some shorts. You put on some red lipstick. You curled your black hair and looked at yourself in the mirror. You looked at your yellow brown like eyes to your tall body. You had some black leather boots and you walked over to Angelica's house. You picked out a black tank top for her with a mini skirt and some slip in black shoes. She had her hair hanging down as usual and put on some light pink lipstick. You helped her with the rest of her make up and walked out the door to Jame's house.
  8. You two went over to James house and had a good time. At least you did. You lost track of Angelica. You were dancing with this one guy named Carl. He had red hair and blue eyes. You had a fun time dancing with him. He was tall and big with muscel. You walk outside to look for Angelica to see if she was okay. You couldn't find her. You looked at the clock and saw that it was 1:00 am. You saw a couple people leave and asked them if they seen Angelica. They said that she left so you felt a little bit more comfortable. The next day you saw Angelica sitting in your usual spot. Today she had a salad. "So did you have fun last night?" You asked her. "It was okay." She said. James came to your table and said "Hi Kate, Hi Angelica. Thanks for helping me clean up after the party." He looked a little bit uncomfortable. Angelica said "It was no problem." He was going to say something else when she got out of her seat and said to him "People like you disgust me." She threw away her salad and walked away. "James what happened last night?" You asked him but he sighed. "Nothing, uh can you tell her that I'm sorry though?" He said tand then left. After school you caught up with Angelica and asked "What happened last night with you and James?" She didn't say anything until you finally found out what she ment by him being disgusting. "Well he said that he's sorry." You said. "Tell him its not me he should be saying sorry to." She said. She held her books tightly and walked away to her house.
  9. The next day after school you told James what she said for you to tell him. "Then who should I be saying sorry to?" He asked. You saw Angelica and she looked at him. "You should be sorry for yourself. You shouldn't waste your life doing those type of things." She said. "Look I'm sorry..." He touched her should she moved away from it "What has come to humans these days." She said and turned around and walked away. You were confused and so was he. You walked with her and James followed saying sorry over and over. You got to her house and she smashed the door in her face. "Angelica what did you mean by humans. You made it sound like your not..." You asked her. She looked down and said "What do you mean?" The door opened and James said "Okay for the last time I'm sorry. I don't like people haveing grudges over me. So can you forgive me?" He said. Angelica looked at him and said "Confess then. Thats the best way for anyone to forgive you."
  10. He looked at her and nodded. "Okay whatever you say" He said. She looked at him. "Confess" She said. He confessed. Angelica looked at him satified. He was going to leave then she kissed him on the cheek. "Don't get any ideas." She said and he left. "Wow, you go girl!" You smiled. She smiled too. You each talked about your day and had a nice good time. Sun was going down and it was time for you to get going. You said your good-byes and left. You were walking alone and the street lights showed you vary little things. You hear rustling in the bushes of one of the neighbor's yard. You looked around and saw a guy with a black mask come to you. You step back and see another guy with a black mask. "Come on babe don't be shy we wont hurt you." The one in front of you said. You ran to the side and bumped into another guy. He had red eyes and a evil grin. His skin was ghostly white. "Ah Kate Anderson. Just who we were looking for." You step back. You couldn't see them but they started to drag you with them. You screamed out for help.
  11. You pulled and kick but they felt like they were made out of steel. You squirmed around and they pushed you to the gound and ducked taped your mouth. You saw them look in the direction where you came from. There stood Angelica. "Let her go." She said in her soft voice. "Look theres another one. What do we do boss?" You heard a masked man whisper to the red eyed guy. He smiled and got inside of a car next to you and drove off leaveing everyone behind. "Did he?" one of the guys said. Then you see a burst of pure light. You see Angelica and see that it was coming from her. Feathery wings showed up behind her and then the guys colapsed. The light died down and the wings faded away behind her. She walked to you and took the tape off of your mouth. "Angelica-" You were about to say when she touched your forehead and you fell asleep.
  12. Hi! Thats the end of part 1!

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