What kind of flower are you?

There are many different kinds of flowers out there. Did you know that every flower has it's own meaning to it?! It sure does. You can find out what kind of flower is like you by taking my easy and fast quiz. :) It's fun and after words you'll know about the meaning of your flower! =)

Are U a Flower? Do u want to know the meaning behind a flower? What flower is you personality? Take my fun quiz and find out!!! Remember don't forget to comment and rate. i love feedback!!!!!! :)

Created by: Ayla Autumn

  1. Pick one:
  2. Pick a color:
  3. Pick a word:
  4. What's ur first letter of ur first name?
  5. Pick a word:
  6. Pick a letter:
  7. Pick a activity:
  8. All Done.... :)
  9. Want to see what u got?
  10. Rate & Comment Please?!

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Quiz topic: What kind of flower am I?