What is ur lucky animal?

There are many quizzes in the world, but few are as different as this. Lucky animals are very important to some religious and superstitious people. There are seven different results for this quiz.

Do YOU know YOUR lucky animal? Have you heard of the Chinese Horoscope? Until now you may have not known...but now you shall. I hope you'll enjoy! And if you thought this was so stupid, then I guess you don't believe in luck...maybe you do! I don't know. But Good luck.

Created by: Ashley
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What do you believe in?
  2. Do u think u should stand up for ur beliefs?
  3. Do u like video games?
  4. Are you thinking this quiz is stupid rite now?
  5. LoL
  6. Do you like cats or dogs better??
  7. Do u wear tight clothes?
  8. What do u think on the subject of gay marriage?
  9. How are you feeling rite now?
  10. Do u think this quiz is stupid now?
  11. Your done!! Are you excited to see ur results?

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