The 50 50 games.

Are you lucky? do you have true luck in picking random things or do you suck at it find out only on this quiz. There are many things thtat can be learnt from this quiz many many things from this quiz and its for you to find out.

In 25 easy questiosn you can find out how lucky you are if you are lucky pst a comment if you arent lucky pst a comment any way so we can see what you can do about it im sure you are lucky you just dont want to be.

Created by: tehbob
  1. Orange or lime?
  2. Dog or cat
  3. Runescape or Wow
  4. Pie or cake
  5. Carrot or Tree
  6. Tomato or Potato
  7. Blue or Orange
  8. Friend or Foe
  9. Biased or Unbiased
  10. Me or you
  11. Guitar hero or rock band
  12. Pc or Mac
  13. Yellow or Purple
  14. East or west
  15. Win or lose
  16. Tiger or Turtle
  17. Crab or Plankton
  18. Good or Bad
  19. Smart or dumb
  20. Red or Green
  21. Summer or Winter
  22. Duke or pee
  23. Hot or cold
  24. Soft or Hard
  25. Close or Far
  26. Extra Credit!! Good quiz or Bad quiz

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