Which game is for you?

When you take this quiz, you will die of excitment....not really. theses are a couple of games that are so awsome that you will want to play all of them (except for NCAA '08)

By the way, these games are really good so after your done with this quiz, take some time and look into these games. They might just save you from complete boredom

Created by: hayward
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. If you best friend gos out with you girlfriend, you would
  2. Do you usually
  3. what type of music do you like?
  4. A new system comes out. Do you
  5. What is you favorite animal (might not have it so chillax)
  6. You would kill you enemy with a...
  7. Are you...
  8. you like to...
  9. Whats your favorite color
  10. I toss a coin. It lands on..
  11. When(if) you are watching baseball, do you...

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