Am I Addicted to WoW?

This is to see if you are addicted to the MMORPG game, World of Warcraft. If you have this game, expect to rate 100% on it. If you don't have the game, What's the point in taking it then, right? Right. Now, take this quiz and hurry before your guild raid starts.

Are YOU A WoW Addict? Thought so. Everyone who has the game is. Unless you have a life.. *Shrugs*. If you got the game, take this quiz and expect to pass it with flying colors. Unlike that English test you just got back.

Created by: Mike Rotch
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  1. Do you contsntly feel the need to go outside and PvP Against human epic Police?
  2. Do you use "1337 sp33k" out loud? (As in saying "Lawl" in conversations In Person)
  3. Do you put on your clothes, Expecting to become smarter or stronger?
  4. Do all of your conversations include you bragging about how your 60 Paladin can kick someone else's ass?
  5. How many hours a day do you at least try to have a life?
  6. Do you refer to your computer as a "Life Machine"?
  7. Are you wearing WoW-related clothing (Such as cloth shoulderpads, Or a tin-foil Chestpeice)
  8. Have you asked yourself,"Why the hell am I taking this quiz? I could be Running MC With my guild." yet?
  9. Do you confuse your WoW Name with the one your parents gave you?
  10. Be honest, Do you have a life?
  11. If you answered that you have no life, Do you live in your parents basement, Or in a box?
  12. When you do /played on WoW, Ho many days have you played?

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