How Game God are you?

There are many gamelovers and many gamehaters. The gamelovers is those who loves their games, always have total focus on the release dates of new games, and those who know what game consoles there are.

Are YOU a Game God/Game Lover? Don't you think you are going to play games somethimes in your life? Don't you think that you really know something about games? Then try this quiz!

Created by: Johannes Frykholm
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  1. You have bought a brand new game, that is so new that it cost you about of 80 Dolars. But the next day, your friend calls you and says he also have the game! WHAT DO YOU DO?
  2. You are new in a town and don't know anything about which games that are popular, but a stranger says "Buy the new DS game 'Pokemon Link' and you will be very happy!". WHAT DO YOU DO?
  3. When you plays a game you will probably die sometimes, but if you die a hundred times at the same place, WHAT DO YOU DO?
  4. You will probably die of starvation/thirst or because you're sleepless if you play two days in a row without sleeping, drinking or eating. DO YOU CARE ABOUT THIS?
  5. Where do you watch your DVDs?
  6. How much do you play per day?
  7. You have got a multiplayer game that you are the best of the owners of the game. WHAT IS YOUR STRATEGY?
  8. How do you comment a great victory?
  9. You lose a game and you says:
  10. Who is Super Mario?

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Quiz topic: How Game God am I?