How well do you know "the sims 2" DS game?

This game I am talking about in the quiz is not the one farmilliar to most of you. The one in the quiz is the one you play on a DS or DS lite, you know, the one where you have to run a hotel. If you don't own that game, I'm not gonna stop you from trying. :D

How much do YOU know about this game? Note: please don't post any nasty comments if your score is low. If you want to, then I suggest you take an anger management class!

Created by: YOU
  1. How does your sim get stuck in strangetown?
  2. Who does your sim first meet?
  3. True or false: Mama Hogg has a crush on Tristan Legend.
  4. True or false: The old hotel manager died.
  5. Who is the first to check into the penthouse?
  6. Who- or what- does Ava Cadavra Worship?
  7. Who else worships ______ with Ava?
  8. What is the name of the FBI agent who stops Frankie Fusilli?
  9. Who is 3rd to check into the penthouse?
  10. What is Optimum Alfred?
  11. What does Optimum Alfred say about lord Mole?
  12. Which of these is NOT an alien (from the game)?
  13. What is Bigfoot's real name?
  14. How did Kaighley Wintercrest loose her right pinky toe?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know "the sims 2" DS game?