How much do you know about The Sims 2?

Hello, and welcome The Sims 2 quiz. I see you are here to test your knowledge about the sims! I think these are rather easy questions, and ,if you're a Sims 2 fan, you'll pass with flying colors!

If you enjoy playing the Sims, then I hope you will enjoy taking this short quiz. What are you doing just siting here? Go on! Take the quiz! If you want to learn more about the sims go to!

Created by: Sim
  1. First off, who do we owe the credit to for creating The Sims?
  2. Cars were introduced into the game in what expansion pack?
  3. To this date (May,05,2007) how many expansion packs are there? (including the "stuff" expansion packs)
  4. At what expansion pack did they change the "EA games" logo, AND at what expansion pack did they change it again?
  5. What is the 'money cheat' for The Sims 2?
  6. A female sim is pictured on the side of what three expansion pack boxes?
  7. What is the little green light thing above the selected sim's head called?
  8. The morning paper is delivered around what time?
  9. What are the original eye color choices?
  10. What are the original skin colors?
  11. Which expansion pack came out first?
  12. How many disks came with The Sims 2?
  13. How many actual expansion packs did The Sims (the first sims) have?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about The Sims 2?