How much do you know The Game?

There are many people who think they know exactly who The Game is... where he was born, if he got shot, what his gang was... and so on.. but this quiz will prove to everyone how much you really know this westcoast-allstar!

So you think you know the Game huh? Well let's just see how much you really know about the one and only Game... this quiz will test your knowledge on the key factors of The Game.. so if your ready... It's GameTime!!!

Created by: Enrique

  1. What is The Game's real name?
  2. What year was he born in?
  3. What City was he born in?
  4. What gang does he claim?
  5. Where did he graduate high school at?
  6. How did he get kicked off the Washington St. University basketball team?
  7. What was his older "half" brother's nickname?
  8. How many times was The Game shot?
  9. Who gave The Game his nickname?
  10. Who does The Game have beef with?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know The Game?