Old-School Video Games

Do you consider yourself a Geek? Do you have t-shirts with old-school game characters on them? Do you type in l33t because it's fun? Do you pwn n00bs? Do you argue with people over the "best" Mario? Do you hunt arcades for "the good games"?

Then this quiz is for you! Test your knowledge of Old-School Nintendo Console Games! Find out how much you REALLY know about the greatest games of the eighties and nineties. From Battletoads to Zelda, it's all here.

Created by: Das Ink
  1. What year did the NES debut in the US?
  2. Who was "Zelda" in the Adventures of Zelda games?
  3. What are the names of the ghosts in Pac Man?
  4. What was the name of the Princess in Super Mario Brothers?
  5. In what year did Donkey Kong get a tie to wear?
  6. What is the playable character's name in Metroid and what gender is it?
  7. What is your main/first weapon in Castlevania?
  8. Who was the hidden character in Mortal Kombat?
  9. Who's name was on the original NASCAR release?
  10. How many hits could you take in Contra before you died?
  11. What are the shapes in Tetris called?
  12. What colour hair did the Lemmings have?
  13. What title are you trying to achieve in Ultima?
  14. Who were Slick and Sam in Q*Bert?
  15. What was Kirby's original name?
  16. How many players could you have in Double Dragon 3?
  17. How do you gain additional lives in Battletoads?
  18. What is "The Konami Code?"
  19. What is the best selling Nintendo game of all time? (This includes ALL versions.)

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