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Created by: Cara
  1. Which of the factors listed below do NOT influence metabolic rate?
  2. Which hormones have long-term effects on metabolism and are the most important determinant of basal metabolic rate?
  3. What is a calorie?
  4. What is Neuropeptide Y?
  5. What are satiety signals?
  6. Which hormones increase Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)?
  7. One liter of oxygen consumed is equal to how many kilocalories of energy?
  8. What is the term used for the lowest energy needed when the body is in a quiet resting and fasting condition?
  9. Which hormone is matched incorrectly with its functions?
  10. True or False: Permissive effect is when one substance needs to be exposed to a target for another substance to have an effect on it.

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