The Official Are You Lucky Quiz!

This quiz will test how lucky you are today. There is no pattern to the answers, and you WILL get to view the correct ones at the end. Careful, if you take this again. I will switch up the answers from time to time.

So. Are you lucky? Will luck be on your side while answering the questions to this quiz? Or you be unlucky and choose some wrong answers? Take this luck quiz to find out!

Created by: HersheyandHarley
  1. Are you lucky?
  2. Are you lucky?
  3. Are you lucky?
  4. Are you lucky?
  5. Are you lucky?
  6. Are you lucky?
  7. Are you lucky?
  8. Are you lucky?
  9. Are you lucky?
  10. Are you lucky?
  11. Are you lucky?

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Quiz topic: The Official am I Lucky Quiz!