Are you that lucky?

This will be a quest to test how lucky you are. You may be unlucky, you may be lucky, you may be in the middle, you may be a emoji and may be a pillow.

So, let's just start, go into it, be lucky, be unlucky, get a bad score, don't care, try again, get luckier and you're the luckiest! Good job if you hit the 100% first time.

Created by: RubyPiec

  1. Do you think you're lucky?
  2. Sing a song for me!
  3. Why are you playing this quiz?
  4. TheRealSouls
  5. What's the passphrase?
  6. A is the answer
  7. How much will you get here?
  8. You're pro, Right?
  9. Sing!
  10. Whats my discor dusername?
  11. What's another way to say "Running out the back door, Going in the front door"
  12. Allah'Nulah
  13. Ok, this is the end

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Quiz topic: Am I that lucky?