Intelligence Tester Part 2

There are many smart people, but few truly "Intelligent" people. Let's see if you're cut out for the top score in this quiz, 100%. In this brilliant Part 2 to Thunderclap's original quiz, "Intelligence Tester," you'll answer sets of questions and solve problems!

There are two sections to the quiz. In one, you are trapped in a forest and have to survive until you are rescued, and in the second, you are on a sinking ship. Enjoy!

Created by: Thunderclap
  1. You are trapped in a dark forest and have no fire going at the moment. You have a match, a log, kindling, leaves, and several large branches. Which do you light first?
  2. You now have your fire going, and you need shelter. What do you use?
  3. You need food now, and you only have one thing to hunt with: a lightweight rock the size of your hand. What type of prey can you hunt?
  4. You have eaten a good meal, but you cut yourself on a rusty metal stake while climbing into your shelter. What disease could you get?
  5. How do you treat the wound?
  6. You need to wash up, and there is a stream right by your shelter. You need to use a shampoo that doesn't pollute the water. Which shampoo do you choose?
  7. You are now clean, but you need to wash your clothing, too. In what order do you wash them to keep warm?
  8. You need to get out of the forest. How do you signal for help?
  9. Which of the following tools do you need to send out your SOS?
  10. What does "SOS" stand for?
  11. What pattern do you blink the flashlight in to alert people that you need help?
  12. How do you prepare for your rescue?
  13. (End section one, "Forest Rescue.")
  14. (Section two, "Sinking Ship.")
  15. You are on a ship. Suddenly, you hear a tremendous crash and the boat lurches violently. What do you do?
  16. The captain of the ship announces that the ship you are on is sinking, and that you must move to the emergency evacuation central. You do not know where the emergency evacuation central is. What do you do?
  17. The captain instructs you to jump into a lifeboat. You are deathly afraid of lifeboats because they are flimsy. You:
  18. The captain asks for a shiphand to go back through and search for anyone who is trapped in the ship, just to be safe.
  19. (End section two, "Sinking Ship.")
  20. This is the end of the quiz.

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