Basic Intelligence Test

Although there are many smart individuals, there are very few people which have a GENIUS intelligence. The definition of Genius is quite exceptional.

See if you are classified as a GENIUS. Do you have the smarts to qualify, then take this quiz to find this out! You will never know until you attempt taking this quiz.

Created by: rl1214
  1. Which part of linguistics deals with the study of meanings of a certain language? Syntax, Semantics, Paragrims?
  2. What is the dot over the letter I called?
  3. It would be difficult for her to stop eating chocolate." What word is the preposition? For, Her, Chocolate, Stop.
  4. Pick correct usage for the sentence: "__________ driving me crazy Your, You're, You.
  5. "Joanne wanted to go on the ride, but she was just too scared". What part of speech is but? Verb, Noun, Conjunction.
  6. What is an atom volume mostly made up of ?
  7. What is the mixture of 2 or more metals called?
  8. What temperature of the middle core of the sun?
  9. Which is NOT a part of the atom?
  10. Which of these are caused by the earth's tilt ?
  11. Which of the following is the glucose in a plant NOT used for?
  12. In poetry, how many lines are in a quatrain?
  13. Who is reputed to have introduced both the potato and tobacco to England?
  14. Which King of England was reputedly killed at the battle of Hastings?
  15. To an artist, which of these colours is the odd one out ?
  16. How many U. S. States have two words in their name?
  17. Which of these liquids has the highest viscosity?
  18. On what continent would you find the Nile River?
  19. The violin is part of which instrument family?
  20. Find the value of Y: Y = 10 * 10.
  21. Calculate the Value of Y : Y = (10+5) * 3.
  22. Find the value of X: 100 = (10*5) + Y.
  23. Calculate the Value: 100 = X / 100 * 100.
  24. Find the sum of 50 + 75 + 100 + 200.
  25. Who ruled Rome during 10 AD?
  26. Who is credited with discovering gravity?
  27. What is half of a half a pie?
  28. Which of these is a bone in the human body?

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