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  • I got 100% ... ja

    foxtrot813 Oct 27 '15, 4:29AM
  • 93% and I'm 13 :D

    Widget Feb 9 '15, 5:47PM
  • You are 93% GENIUS

    Your test scoring indicates thats you have the intelligence of a College Graduate student. Final Assessment Rating: Genius ABOVE AVERAGE

    Woah, and I'm only 14. :D

    FloraFauna46 Jun 6 '13, 4:46PM
  • Yay! above average!
    93 percent!

    Gabriel S Mar 4 '13, 8:02PM
  • 93%!!! YAY! I didn't really have high hopes for this quiz...

    ilovepeeta Jun 15 '12, 8:50PM
  • you know, whoever made this needed to take it. Seriously, check out their grammar!! sheesh!

    rubber paw Jan 11 '12, 9:15AM
  • 93% i'm smarter then i think i am yay

    lukecjf Jan 10 '12, 5:29PM
  • I got 100%? Really? I'm surprised.

    tazemaster Jan 10 '12, 4:54PM

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