Do you know Wyoming?

Do you know all about the fifty states? Do you know the tiny little details about seperate states? Well, this quiz will test your knowledge on one of the lesser known states, Wyoming. Not many people even know that it is a state, so you should be proud if you ace this test.

This test will quiz you on current events, basic geography, and much more! To use a common phrase, get your thinking caps on! The questions require some thought. Let's see how will you do on basic Wyoming trivia. Good luck!

Created by: Guess
  1. How many counties are in Wyoming?
  2. What city is Senator Mike Enzi from?
  3. How many interstates are there in Wyoming?
  4. Which Wyoming high school's auditorium was recently proven NOT to be haunted?
  5. How many true malls does Wyoming have?
  6. Which Wyoming city is supposed to get a Job Corps Center in a few years?
  7. What historical landmark lies near Gillette?
  8. What are the University of Wyoming's school colors?
  9. What animal is pictured on the state flag?
  10. Which one of these people was NOT ever a Wyoming governor?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Wyoming?