Are you a true Wyomingite?

Are you a true Wyomingite? Do you know the governor of your state? If you do, my guess is you are in Wyoming. If you are able to see your next door neighbor on vacation, you are probably in Wyoming.

Thank you for coming to this quiz. There was another Wyoming quiz on here, but the questions were to hard for me, a true Wyomingite as well. Anyway, take this quiz and find out if you know all there is to know about Wyoming!

Created by: Citizen
  1. Which political figure was raised in Casper, WY?
  2. Which church did the aforementioned politician attend?
  3. What is the Wyoming's main newspaper?
  4. Which U.S. senator recently died of leukemia?
  5. Who was the Wheatland attorney who recently resigned?
  6. The deer population outnumbers the human population.
  7. Which blizzard covered the entire town of Lusk for several months?
  8. Who was Timber Jack Joe?
  9. What is on the Wyoming license plate?
  10. What kind of boom is Wyoming facing right now?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Wyomingite?