What's your multi Intelligence

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This quiz helps in knowing ability of maximum hyper parallelosynthisising function you can produce i.e it means breaking down the bits of average volume of understanding your surroundings in a different way from others this means it can track your average Intelligence, Dimensional motion analysis, expantion and contraction of the space outlet, if you did score high you have well developed parallelsynthesising Intelligence ( multi Intelligence)

Think you have come to an edge of the test, Congratulations! do this test after you feel like rewiring your mind so you can get a stable reading,this is also short test due to its complex variability

Created by: Praveen Marshall of Do you have multi Intelligence
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  1. What do think life is?
  2. What do you like more
  3. 56+64=? Which number did you calculate first
  4. If x want to go shopping with you but you
  5. If 100 is a octagon and 50 is Pentagon and 60 is rectangle each are place vertically on a which will move faster,
  6. Let's say a circle has 3 parts if you cut it,let's take an other circle with a horizontal line cutting through it and this three times larger than the other circle what it similar between them
  7. What is CD ×CD+X+ABC×CD
  8. What if a angle of 360°= straight angle then image a 360 angle is polished and ray falls on it and shall bounceses back what can be the ray equal to? Hint imagine there is no time acting on the process.
  9. Think what you're doing now till you die achieving and every patterns the whole universe what's your conclusion?
  10. if you think your supporter a colleague of you are making a wrong decision but according to them its correct and they argue about it and ask you that why everyone say it's a wrong move

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Quiz topic: What's my multi Intelligence