How Strong Are You Mentally???

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Mental Strngth is something that just generally helps keep your life on track and running somewhat smoothly. With high mental ability you can handle most things and don't let life get you down.

This quiz is my first in a while as I don't think I've made one since March and it's like June :/ :( But oh well Please comment and rate anyhooo :)

Created by: sammierox1997
  1. First of all just a quick note. Well a long one but hey :) This quiz is designed to test your mental strength and endurance will difficult life situations it has nothing to do with physical strength of any kind. Thank yooooo.
  2. You just received your english exam and you got grade C, barely a pass, you are Heartbroken. One of your friends comes up and shouts "________ guess what I got an A+!" she's 3rd set you're in the top set. She spends the whole day bragging. How do you react??
  3. You return home in a depressed mood. Your Parents have been arguing AGAIN. As soon as you get in your dad starts screaming loads of stuff at you e. G. You're Fat, Stupid, No Life, No Friends. (You get the idea)
  4. At School now. It's sports day, your doing Discus and are renoundly known across the school for chucking it a good distance you throw it 22.90 metres a new record. You are selected for town sport. But knowing fine well the other kids when you did it last year chucked it like 50 metres a new years has come they'll be even better. So your immeadeatly scared. Then just to make it worse when you go for a practice and only manage to throw it a measley 9 metres :O. You ask to pull out, you're not allowed. You're under so much pressure. How do you take it?
  5. Right you are on a diet. And doing amazingly well so far. You go on a diet. But then you eat out with your parents. You are eating sensibly then it comes to desert. An Lagre, Angelic Chocolate Cake stands isolated by iself, the very last one, Practicaly screaming your name. The sponge is so Moist and Fresh, Chocolate sauce is oozing from the sides. It's still warm and you inhale the scent every time you breathe. Do you crack??
  6. Your stomach is now completely flat and you now have a great, curvacious and sexy body.(this question designed 4 girls, but lads take it if you wish) but now you have to go out in shorts and a strappy top and sandals. No option on getting out of it. How do you take to it.
  7. Done, sorry if it was s***. Haven't done a quiz in a while. So probs a bit rusty. But hey hey :)
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Quiz topic: How Strong am I Mentally???