Boy Drama... XD

I have a lot of boy drama in my life. I like all of them, but I obviously can't ask them all out. So here, I will find out who the majority of the GTQ community would date!

Who would you ask out? Before you start, you should know that this is an average day in my life. Volume 2 will be break-lunch and volume 3 will be afternoon period.

Created by: Choco_Cookie
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  1. You are walking to school and is is a sunny but chilly Thursday morning. There is enchanting, glistening frost blanketing the streets. Boys around your age whizz past you on scooters or bikes while girls that are perhaps younger than you jump out of their cars in duffel coats.
  2. When you are on school grounds, you notice Joe. He is always fairly early. He is wearing a dark blue jacket that highly compliments his blondish hair. His blueish eyes shine like the frost as he looks around him. Then he gets out his phone and begins to play. He doesn't seem to have noticed you.
  3. The gates open, and Joe grunts as he hides his phone in his coat pocket. You go over to him and give him a tap on the shoulder. He spins around, seemingly alarmed, but then his face relaxes into a soft smile. "Hey," he says, casually. You hate this because you are now left to start the conversation, as usual, but you feel you can't be annoyed because Joe is your friend.
  4. Joe tells you about the drama that is going on between the boys. You're not really interested until you find out that Ryley wrestled with him and gave Joe a nosebleed! You excuse yourself and immediately go to your three hangout friends and make plans to haunt Ryley for the mistake he made. You go back to Joe, and tell him your plans. He is seemingly amused by your vengeance.
  5. Suddenly, the bell rings for the start of class. Joe isn't in any of your classes, but there are two other boys, Louie and Alfie, in your Science class. Alfie is the first to talk to you, being his humerus, crazy self as usual. He amuses you with insane faces and hilarious accents, including Essex and American. You are attempting to write down the chemical reaction between lemon juice and milk, but you don't really mind Alfie taking you to Laughter Planet.
  6. After pretty much dying of laughter, somebody walks past, accidentally bashing into your chair. You swing around and before you realise that it's Louie, you shout: "What the fudge is your problem?!" But then, you see who it is. Louie isn't offended in the slightest, he just grins. You stare at him for a second or two, and you can't help smiling yourself.
  7. Before you know it, it's break, and you and the girls meet up to torture and torment Ryley. ///not much to say about this/// hm hm hm hm hm...
  8. Ok this is just filler /// You have met all the boys, who do you like the sound of?
  9. But who do you'll think you'll get?
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