Winners of Total Drama

You like total drama i do too so this is an awesome quiz for you. Hah, see what I did there? I can guess your height: 0'0"-8'11". I got it right I know I did.

I know 5 things about you: 1. You're about to take this quiz 2. You're reading this 3. You're 0'0"-8'11" tall 4. You like total drama 5. You like one type of food

Created by: Osyris Murray
  1. Who won total drama in usa
  2. Who won tdi in norway
  3. Who originally won tda
  4. Who won tda in alternate ending
  5. Who won TDWT in canada
  6. Who won TDWT in America
  7. Who won TDROTI in America
  8. Who won TDROTI in Canada
  9. Who won total drama all stars in America
  10. Who won TDAS in Canada
  11. Do you like this

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