How Well Do You Know Total Drama?

This Quiz is for people who watch total drama or think that they really know the show! so if your friends think that you don't really know the show then you can prove to them by doing this Quiz!

Do you know Total Drama? Do you love the show? Do you think your a big fan? Do you think your a Total Drama King? Well find out by doing this Quiz! This Quiz has good questions about the show that you should know!

Created by: QuizBeast

  1. Who won Season 1
  2. Which of these people were/is an actual couple?
  3. Who was eliminated in the final 4 of Season 4
  4. Who was third eliminated in Total Drama Phakitew island?
  5. Who turned out to be evil in total drama phakitew island?
  6. Who were the two people first out in season 2?
  7. Who lasted longer in season 1?
  8. Which Season Did You Have To Sing Every Episode?
  9. Who Won Total Drama Revenge of the Island in Canada?
  10. Who became a couple after Total Drama World Tour?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Total Drama?