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Think you're really a fan of Total Drama Island? This quiz takes you through some of the basics of the show and tests your knowledge of Total Drama and the contestants.

This great quiz will help you figure out just how much you know about Total Drama Island! Come take this quiz and find out if you're a true fan of the show!

Created by: Alejandro
  1. What show did the contestants of Total Drama Island believe they were going to be starring in?
  2. How many contestants were on Total Drama Island?
  3. What was the name of the camp on Total Drama Island?
  4. Who hosts Total Drama Island?
  5. Who was the first camper voted off the island?
  6. What was the prize for winning Total Drama Island?
  7. What are the team names for Total Drama Island?
  8. When someone is voted off, they don't receive a...
  9. Who were the final three competitors?
  10. Who wins Total Drama Island?

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