The ULTIMATE stupidity test!!!!

Many people boast they know everything. But this test may prove you wrong. I like to try to get the worst score and laugh about it, but you can do whatever you want!

Are you a genius of a straight out moron? No offense, but these scores in this hilarious test may surprise you a let's enter the test and watch out for sand sniper aliens!!!

Created by: Hypergriff

  1. What is 2+2
  2. True or false: I am a supersonic hyperactive ninja karate chocolate eating fudge throwing awesome monkey from Jupiter s moon Europa
  3. Where do I live?
  4. Can pineapples ski?
  5. The sand sniper mantisez are invading earth!!!
  6. In harry potter, what does the spell stupify mean?
  7. What is the square root of pi?
  8. What is a dunkleosteus?
  9. How can you get skin cancer?
  10. How many of my friends are aliens?
  11. What lives in the sewer?

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