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Consisting of several witty, humor-based questions which you can you should answer with a little bit of stupidity and humor, this quiz is all set up as the most stupid quiz ever, nominated and voted by me and all my other fake accounts. You can use the following questions to ask your friends and get a sweet, little laugh, too!

As a little piece of advice, I'd recommend you to answer all the questions with as much intelligence as possible mixed with a little bit of stupidity. Warning, though: you can NOT score high!

Created by: Jeeshan of The Skill Hub
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  1. What's 2 + 2?
  2. Was that a stupid question?
  3. If a bulldog and a s---shu mated, will there offspring be called bulls---?
  4. Imagine you're driving an ambulance. You've been called and you're on your way to pick up a serious patient. But, on your way, you run over a person. Will you (a) stop for the person (b) continue on your way to the serious patient?
  5. If A = 10, B = 16, why was the alien violet?
  6. If #2 pencil is the most popular, why is it still #2?
  7. Why aren't blueberries blue?
  8. If a person owns a piece of land, do they own it till the center of the earth?
  9. If 21 is twenty one, 31 is thirty one and so on, do you know what I was about to ask?
  10. Why can't fish get drowned?

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