Bored? Test your humor!

Hi, do you want to play something fun, cause you are. Bored? Yes! You came here, which is right. I have a collection of 15 questions which are here for you to play!!!!! Yes, you will be tested on humor!

Yes, do come here for the play! It's really fun! I'm sure you'll love it. It is a boredom buster which many people enjoy a lot. Now, please give a comment?!

Created by: Anonymous

  1. A person born in 1015 is...
  2. What do you say when your bottle of water gets lost and you are in the desert?
  3. You are sick... What is your reaction?
  4. What do you call yourself?
  5. What!? Tell me, if you chose optimist for the last question, tell me what it is!
  6. You come home. Your friends are waiting for you. One is not there. A boy says" he drowned. He drank alcohol, like you!" He was in a boat... You reply
  7. How funny are you?
  8. Choose a thing. A thing, I mean a sentence that interests you .
  9. I'm bored, are you!
  10. What does R.I.P. mean?
  11. What is a dorkosaurus?
  12. Why are you taking this quiz?
  13. Last of all... Do you still want to sleep?

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Quiz topic: Bored? Test my humor!